70trucksnumber of trucks
10millionskilometres per year
16yearsyears of experience on the market
International and domestic transportation Professional drivers, reliable new trucks and up to date technology built in them. This is a trio of success of Resl Transportation & Service division. All of this is backed by long time experience of managing our vehicle fleet, which started off with a single van distributing printed publications. Currently our fleet consists of 60 semi - trucks.
We cooperate with Scania A swedish company SCANIA - we have built our Resl Transportation & Service division’s fleet on this premium brand. The average age of our trucks in merely two years, yet we make sure older trucks are replaced with new ones. These express trucks carry up to 38 europallets and are mainly used for turn-key transportation, so called Just-In-Time. They are well-suited to deliver parts for the automotive industry: windshields, headlights, as well as complete parts of future vehicles such as floors.
divison transport
Only Shell quality fuel We ride on premium tires and refuel the highest quality fuel. The high quality fuel is represented by Shell, which sells fuel at 45,000 gas stations, to 10 million customers. Our drivers use the euroShell card, which can also be paired with toll, ferries, road charges, etc. It includes an emergency service and the possibility to check individual payments remotely.
Modern telematics system in each truck In addition to tracking of our trucks location via GPS, we monitor (remotely) their current technical condition, including the parameters of their gas consumption, whether drivers are shifting gear or braking correctly ...and in what condition are the components of the engine, gear-box and brakes. All this allows us to prevent any malfunction. Through the telematics system we evaluate the traffic density, its average speed, and spacing between vehicles, all depending on air temperature, road surface, visibility, freezing point, etc.


Low tonnage set
7,4 mLength
2,45 mWidth
3 mHeight
8,2 mLength
2,45 mWidth
3 mHeight
Light Truck
with Trailer
38number of pallets 14 000payload 120cbm


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