840kmdaily number of km
57seatsnumber of seats on a bus
16yearsyears of experience on the market
International and domestic transportation services Welcome aboard... seat down and relax. Just like in a business class on an airplane, we will show you that traveling by bus can be pleasant and relaxing, too. The service will be provided by stewardesses, who will prepare you a genuine Italian espresso, and will bring you another surprise out of a refrigerator. We guarantee you they serve you with willingness and smile on their faces.
We cooperate with Scania and Higer As a company engaged in haulage business, we understand more than anyone else, how important is the technical quality of trucks alongside with the reliability and professionalism of drivers. For our luxury Scania buses, we have chosen the best teams, which we fully trust.
divison bus Divize bus otisk prstu
Our buses are fully equipped even for events and trips purposes Semi-leather seats with three-point seat belts keep your body in an ideal position. The spacing between them is so big that even a larger passenger would feel still comfortable - the same buses also use Czech Ice hockey and football representations. For more "air", the seats can be moved into the alley and several of them are turnable.
Bring your skis or a bicycle with you The capacity of the 49 and 57-seat buses is complemented by the abnormally large luggage space extended by sports bus-trailers. For bicycles transport we use bicycle trailer, the skibox, designed to store up to 50 skis could be alternatively used as an additional storage for boating equipment or musical instruments in case of travelling orchestra. Even without them, buses are a fitting representation at congresses, exhibitions, fairs and sightseeing trips in Czech Republic and over the border, where they meet all the necessary "Eurolicences".


Scania Touring HD 12,9 M
Scania TouringHD 12,9 M
49 + 2 SeatsCapacity 6,97m3Luggage 12,9 mLength
EngineEuro 6 Adjustableseats
Toilets Air condition
DVD player2x LCD Barrefreshment
Driver’ssleeping quarter Independentheater


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